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Reversebang Art Masterpost: Two Men and a Camel

Art Masterpost for spn_reversebang
Art Title: I don't think we're in Kansas any more
Prompt No: E3001
Artist: dizzojay
Fic Title: Two Men and a Camel
Fic Link: AO3
Author: kelios

It's always great to collaborate with a new author on this challenge, and kelios great story gave me lots of inspiration to work with.

Original Prompt

Title Banner

I turned the original prompt into a title banner

These are two pieces of additional art that depict aspects of the story

Where appropriate, I maintained a colour theme to reflect sand and gold through the art to reflect the location and the ancient Egyption culture

Text / paragraph dividers

Tags: dean winchester, fan art, fan fiction, jared, jensen, reversebang, sam winchester

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