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Happy post: Just a normal day at the office ...

At work, we've been working on next year's budget this week.  Yes, riveting stuff!

Obviously that's quite dry and frankly, boring as hell.  Coupled with doing it via Teams, you've got a surefire cure for insomnia.  So, it's understandable to try and liven the moment occasionally.

This morning, we all logged on and one of the girls was wearing a little white headband.  She said she hadn't washed her hair for a couple of days and it was untidy and frizzy, hence the headband.  So over the course of the morning, there were several jokes and comments about the headband, 'had she been hitting her head against a brick wall?  Understandable, budgeting will do that to you'.  One of the other girls took a quick comfort break and came back with a length of toilet paper wrapped round her head. 

Then it started to get silly...

(What can I say?  My options in the office were a bit limited!)

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