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Deeply Touched - a Jensen touchy-feely Picspam

One particularly endearing characteristic of Jensen that I have noticed while watching several con videos recently is that he tends to touch his heart when he is expressing gratitude and sincerity.  It’s really rather sweet, and really speaks a lot about the sort of person he is. 

And because we operate in the shallow end of the gene pool here at Dizzojay’s journal, I got to thinking about what other parts of his body he is prone to touching.  And why am I not involved?

Therefore, in this picspam I shall be exploring the apparent tactility of Jensen. 

To support this, I will be using photographic evidence and not, unfortunately, a practical assessment.


Okay, so to move on to exhibit A, here is Jensen touching his heart:

And again:

I thought he did it mostly when he was wearing red plaid, but no; this guy can multi-task:

Jared likes touching Jensen’s heart too.
(And who can blame him?)

Although someone needs to tell Jared that if Jensen’s heart is all the way over there, then Jensen may need to see a doctor.

Jensen has also been known to touch Jared’s heart too.
See how much more well practiced Jensen is.  At least he knows roughly where it is.

Apparently heart-touching is also appropriate when Misha shoves a sunflower in your face…

Sometimes Jensen starts off by touching his heart, but then moves on to – ahem – perkier regions…

And who can blame him?

When he isn’t touching his heart, Jensen spends his time making fangirls jealous.

Look, Jensen’s looking for the one fangirl who didn’t faint over this picture.

Jensen has been known to touch his neck quite a lot

And who can blame him?


What?  Well, someone has to - Jensen can’t reach…

Apparently, he likes to touch his hair as well.

*lives vicariously*

Jensen can occasionally be observed touching his face too.

And who can blame him.


Sometimes he multi-tasks and touches his face and his arm all at the same time.

(Did I mention that Jensen is good a multi-tasking?)

Sometimes other people touch Jensen’s arm – but they leave big grabby handprints.

At least they didn’t touch his heart!

Look at Jensen’s arm.  Jensen looks like he wants to eat it.

And who can blame him.

Sometimes Jensen tries to touch his ear – and misses.

And apparently he tries to eat his hand when he’s thinking…

I’m not sure if Jensen has toothache, or whether he’s just feeling his stubble.

Occasionally Jared likes to get in on this touching lark. 

And who can blame him?

And sometimes Jensen likes to tease, and make us guess what he’s touching.

Our imaginations are more than capable of filling in the gaps.

So in summary when Jensen touches his heart, he’s showing his gratitude and love to the fans.

Or maybe he’s just showing them what they’re missing out on.

Thanks for reading!

Credit as per watermarks.  Happy to add credit where needed
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