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Meme time!

Shamelessly stolen from kattrip033!

Last time I traveled abroad: When I went to Paris last June for Darklight con.
Last time I slept in a hotel: January this year at my work's annual conference
Last time I flew in an airplane: when I went to Paris last June
Last time I took a train: February this year for a senimar in London
Last time I took public transit: Ferry to the Isle of Wight two weeks ago
Last time I had a houseguest: My Mum stayed with us in January for a family party
Last time I got my hair cut: four weeks ago
Last time I went to the movies: Ack, I can't remember - it was to see The Rise of Skywalker, sometime around the end of last year.
Last time I went to the theatre: The RSC in November 2018 to see Macbeth
Last time I went to a concert: The Monday concert following Jus In Bello, Rome, in May last year.
Last time I went to an art museum: I went to the national gallery in London a couple of years ago, but I can't remember when exactly.
Last time I sat down in a restaurant: 20th August this year with Mr D to celebrate our anniversary
Last time I went to a party: My Cousin's 50th in January
Last time I played a board game with more than two people: I can't actually remember when.  Mr D isn't really into board games, so although I love them, I hardly ever play then now. So sorry, I can't remember!
Last time I went to the office: Two days ago (Friday)

It's amazing (and a little depressing), looking at this list, how little I've actually managed to do this year - and I'm sure that applies to all of us.  SInce February I should have been to two conventions by now, with one more that was scheduled for next weekend but not now, several trips up to London with friends, London Comic-con, some art shows, and a couple of work events but - hey-ho, not to be!
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