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Happy Post: Nailed it!

Okay, so this is probably not the most interesting post I've ever done, but I'm just a little bit proud of myself!

Some of you may remember, that in many pictures of me i've posted here, I've got long, brightly coloured nails.  Well, I've been wearing acrylic nails and latterly, gels, for about twenty years now.

There's a little story behind this.  You see, when I was a child/teenager/young adult, I was a pathological nailbiter.  And when I say pathological, I'm not being overdramatic.  It was common for me to gnaw my nails right down to the quick.  and even then, I'd keep on going.  It hurt like hell, but I couldn't stop. And when there was no nail left to bite, I'd start on the skin around the nails and the cuticles.   Bloody, sore fingers were a staple of my early life! 

I tried everything I knew to stop this.  Wearing gloves whenever I could, painting on that horrible tasting stuff, distraction techniques... nothing worked.

Then one day, a lady I worked with suggested that I try acrylic nails.  She explained that they were really hard so that I wouldn't be able to bite them down, even if I wanted to.  So, I tried them, and it worked!  Of course, acrylics aren't indestructible; you can bite through them, but you have to work hard and be really determined, and this goes against the whole basis of nailbiting which is an 'absent' activity.

After a few months of doing this, and having the satisfaction of seeing my nails growing out underneath the acrylics, I decided to start having a bit of fun with them, and using the really bright and glittery colours that you've seen.

About five years ago, I changed over from acrylics to gels as they're supposed to be a bit healthier for your nails.

I'd resigned myself to always wearing false nails.  They weren't the best thing for my nails, but they were a helluva sight better than walking around looking like I'd stuck my hand in a mincer!

Then this spring, lockdown happened!  All the nail bars closed, and I found myself in a situation that once I'd removed the existing gels, I'd be back to naked nails for goodness knows how long - how would they survive?

It's been six months now, and although the nail bars are all open again, I still have my bare nails - I think they're rather enjoying the rest, and against all the odds, I'm enjoying giving them a rest.

And yes, although I occasionally have to check myself when I find myself having a nibble on a nail, I'm so pleased that I'm nowhere near as bad as I used to be.  My nails are unchewed and my fingers are unbleeding! It looks like years of armour plating have finally broken the habit!

I will go back to my gels eventually, but probably in the new year now.  I'm giving my nails the long rest and recuperation that they deserve.

So, in celebration, here are my nails as they currently look.  Not long, but certainly not in any way unhealthy or damaged!

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