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Daddy Issues


Rating: K+
Genre: Angst/Family
Word Count: 200
Spoilers/warnings: Two drabbles based on Dean's comment in 1.22 'Devil's Trap', so maybe a spoiler for that episode.

Bobby Singer's relationship with John Winchester was a tumultuous one. Although Bobby may have sympathised with John's choices, he didn't necessarily like or approve of them. However, one thing that never wavered was Bobby's love for John's boys. Pre-series. 

Disclaimer: don't own.


Two boys sat silently on Bobby's couch watching cartoons

Sam, a painfully shy eight-year-old was withdrawn to the point of being sullen, and Bobby knew from experience he could be defiant and wilful.

He watched the little shrimp clinging to his brother, the only person he trusted.

Of course the kid was a handful; he was rootless, confused and unhappy. Bobby could relate, and his heart bled for the boy.

He didn't want to be around the Winchester household when that kid hit adolescence. John Winchester had set himself up for a heap of trouble.

And the bull-headed idjit deserved it.


Bobby's eye strayed to Dean, twelve years old, still waiting for his growth spurt, and on the threshold of adolescence.

He should have been out tossing a ball with his friends; he should have been starting to discover girls; or more importantly, starting to discover Dean Winchester.

Instead he was aged before his years; blindly idolising an absent and misguided father, and haunted by responsibilities that no shoulders so green and so narrow should ever be asked to bear.

Bobby's anger for his young charges simmered over as he heard the Impala pull up outside, three days late.

He reached for his shotgun.



Tags: angst, bobby singer, dean winchester, fan fiction, sam winchester, wee!chester

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