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Summergen 2020 Fic

So, just like something else very dear to us, Summergen has wrapped for another year.  As always, the standard of works was exceptional, and I aspire to do it justice every year!

And so, with that said, here is my fic for this year's challenge.  Called 'Karaoke King', it was written for DLWinchester, and the original prompt was: Tell me the story behind the Demon!DeanCrowley photo.  (You know the one).  Make it funny and I'll love you forever.

So just in case there is one amongst you who doesn't know 'the' photo, here it is!!

I hope you enjoy!


Big thanks to jj1564 for a great beta job!
Tags: crowley, dean winchester, demon!dean, fan fiction, humour, summergen

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