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Cute meme!

Stolen from digitalwave.  Feel free to play if you want to!

Been married: ❤
Been divorced:
Been in love: ❤
Gone on a blind date:
Skipped school: ❤
Watched someone give birth:
Watched someone die:
Been to Canada: ❤
Been to Spain:
Ridden in an ambulance: ❤
Been to Hawaii:
Been to the Shetland Islands:
Been to Europe:
Been to North America: ❤
Been to Las Vegas:
Been to Manchester:
Been to Washington D.C:
Been to London: ❤ Bit of a cheat - I was born in London!
Been to Nashville:
Been to Nottingham:
Visited Florida:
Visited Cornwall:
Visited Mexico:
Visited France:
Seen the Grand Canyon in person:
Seen the Swiss Alps in person:
Flown in a helicopter:
Been on a cruise:
Served on a jury:
Been in a movie:
Danced in the rain: ❤
Been to Los Angeles: ❤
Been to Edinburgh:
Been to New York City: ❤
Been to Cardiff:
Played in a marching band: 
Sang karaoke:
Laughed so much you cried: ❤
Laughed so hard you peed: ❤
Caught a snowflake on your tongue: ❤
Had children:
Had a pet(s): ❤
Been sledding on a big hill: ❤
Been downhill skiing:
Been water skiing:
Rode on a motorcycle:
Travelled to all 50 states in the USA:
Travelled to all 50 sovereign states in Europe:
Travelled to all 4 countries in the UK:
Jumped out of a plane:
Been to a drive-in movie:
Rode an elephant:
Rode a horse: ❤
Been on TV: ❤
Been in the newspaper: ❤
Stayed in the hospital:
Gotten a piercing: ❤ haven't got it any longer though
Driven a stick shift vehicle: ❤
Driven an automatic gears vehicle: ❤
Been scuba diving:
Lived on your own:
Rode in the back of a police car: ❤
Got a speeding ticket:
Broken a bone:
Gotten stitches:
Travelled alone: ❤
Bought a house:
Danced all night:
Road tripped with friends: ❤
Gone white water rafting:
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