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2020 ... you can kiss my ARSE!!!

Today Mr D and I planned to spend a day in Glastonbury, one of my favourite places.  We had originally planned to do this for my birthday, but that ended up being a week after lockdown in he UK started back at the beginning of April, so that never happened.

Therefore, now things are a bit more flexible, we had planned to do my birthday trip today - five months late but, hey-ho!

So, we got up early, and headed out about 8 am to start the two hour drive (which normally turns into a three hour drive when you take traffic into account) to Glastonbury.

We got to Glastonbury right about when we expected to reach it, and immediately it looked like every other person in England had the same idea.  The place was absolutely heaving; far more so than we'd ever seen it before.

So, we headed for our usual car park, only to find it full.  Then we tried another car park.  It was full. 

We drove around all five of Glastonbury's car parks and they were all full.  An hour later, we were still driving around the town, and no closer to being able to park the car.  There wasn't one single parking space to be had in the whole of Glastonbury.   So it was at that point we finally gave up; the curse of 2020 strikes again!  It appeared I was not destined to have a single day out this year!!

Anyway, rather than traipse all the way home for nothing, we decided that as we were in the area we might as well make what we could out of the day, so we headed about ten miles down the road to a nice little city called Wells where we stopped for a coffee and a bit of brunch.  Wells is where the movie, Hot Fuzz, was filmed, so we wandered around the city doing a bit of Hot Fuzz nerding.

After a few hours in Wells, we got in the car and had a little drive around the area.  We decided to have a nostalgia session, and visit our favourite haunts, including Batcome Vale, the breathtakingly beautiful valley nestled into the Somerset countryside where our favourite campsite sits.  We haven't been camping for about three years, and this trip made us determined we were going to have a proper camping trip next year.

We finished off the day with a meal in a lovely pub in a gorgeous little village called Evercreech, and decided we're going to make another attempt at the Glastonbury trip at the end of September when it's not school holidays or a bank holiday weekend.

So all in all, it ended up being a really enjoyable, spontaneous day, even though it wasn't the day we'd planned. 

2020 can still kiss my arse though.

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