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A Gift for Mr Dizzo

I bought something for Mr Dizzo's birthday, which is in October, but after the good news about his promotion, which he's worked so hard for, and is so long overdue, I decided to give it to him early.

A little bit of backstory; I don't know if I've ever mentioned this on here before, but Mr D loves Puffins.  He likes all animals, but there's something about those cute, whimsical little birds that really enchants him, and ever since I've known him, he's been a Puffin nut.  He's even taken himself off to Lundy a couple of times in the past while I've been away at JIB just to sit on the cliffs with his camera and watch the Puffins coming and going.

When we went to Iceland two years ago, we went on a whalewatching trip, and at that time (July), the Puffins had done all their breeding and egg-laying and their Pufflings had all flown the burrow, so they were all back at sea, and while the rest of the boat were watching dolphins and Minke whales, he was drooling over little Puffins!

So I bought a cute little wrought-iron Puffin garden ornament for him.  It's designed to be attached to a fence/fencepost or something like that, and I decided that, rather than wait for his birthday,  he deserved a treat to mark his promotion.  Also, if I gave it to him October we probably wouldn't get many opportunities that late in the year to sit out in the garden and enjoy it.

I think he liked it!
it's now the figurehead on top of his shed/workshop :D

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