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Melting ...

Okay, so this is the part where I lay myself open to the ridicule of all my buddies from warmer climes, but I'm past caring.

It's been 30+ degrees here in the southern UK for over a week now, and the phrase 'too bloody hot' can be heard ringing throughout the nation.  We're at the stage where the red top newspapers start having headlines like 'phew, what a scorcher!', and the whole country goes into a kind of semi-conscious torpor because no-one can get any sleep.

I've never managed heat very well, but since hitting the dreaded menopause, my tolerance for any ambient temperature above 20 degrees is non-existent.  And believe me that creates some serious conflicts e very time I see a new picture of Jensen!

I've spent all my time, when not at work, sitting in the garden, and on Sunday it got so bad, I spent most of the afternoon and evening sitting with my feet in a bucket of cold water!

And yes, I know you lovely peeps who function magnificently in the kind of temperatures that woud have me climbing into the nearest refrigerator must think I'm a complete and utter wuss.

I am!

While sitting in the garden yesterday, we noticed a big old cloud building over the back of our house, and we thought it may be a harbinger of a nice thumping big thunderstorm, which would hopefully clear the air.  It was so fascinating watching this thing building and brewing over the top of us, Mr D got this great little video of it.

Unfortunately, as impressive as cloud was, it amounted to the sum total of sod all, and I'm still sitting here steaming like a fumerole tonight!
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