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That was GISH...

So it's been a crazy week of GISHing, and my brilliant team really gave it everything.  We don't have a final figure yet, but whatever it is, we can be proud of ourselves.

What made this GISH extra special was that for the first tme, Mr D signed up and took part.  Between us we completed 12 tasks, and had a lot of fun as always.

And so ... here are the mugshots!


Task 38. Writers' Block

155. Soft-play centers in the UK are facing closures due to COVID, leaving kids no place to jump and scream their energy out while parents have a coffee and think about their life choices. There's only one solution: turn your living room into an all-ages soft-play center for your inner toddler, using couch cushions and other household supplies.

Task 69. Let's Tulpa COVID out of existence. Create your own artistic version of the Amabie, a Japanese monster said to cure disease if a picture of it is displayed.

Task 50: Every Gisher has the soul of an epic poet, and we can prove it. Each member of your team should write one line of an epic poem on social media about overcoming hardship so that it flows brilliantly as a cohesive piece.

Although this was a group task, I'm including it under my tasks as I wrote the poem!

Task 101: Epic poems are, well, epic. But they're also way too long. Re-write a classic epic poem such as Beowulf or the Iliad for modern attention spans — as a tweet-thread of no more than 10 tweets. Submit a screenshot and also a link to your poem.

I rewrote 'Dante's Inferno' for Twitter.

Task 35: Instagram influencers everywhere carefully curate their feed to present an idyllic existence, but you're not about that performative lifestyle. Buck the dramaturgical social mores of modern social media: make an Insta of A Terrible Life. Include all the lowlights of 2020.

Task 145: Lasts: Find an old photo that depicts the last of something for you.

This is the last photo I have of me with both my lovely grandparents.

Task 115. Hand-write a poem about Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack written in heroic couplet, triadic-line poetry, or quatrains, depending on the number of characters you use.

I wrote a quatrain as I was writing about all four characters.

Task 95: The Supernatural final episodes got delayed due to COVID. Show us what Dean, Castiel, and Sam are up to while sheltering in place due to the pandemic.


Task 189 sunset/sunrise collage.


Task 37. What's something that you've never cooked or baked because it just seemed too daunting or difficult? Something you would never even begin to attempt to create no matter how good a chef you were. Cook that thing. Submit a side-by-side image showing what you created in one image; in the other, an example of an expert-level creation of the same food.

Unfortunately Mr D's cheesecake collapsed in the middle, and when we tried to cut into it, it was practically raw in the middle too!   Not one of Mr D's culinary triumps (of which there are many ... just not this one!!!)

28. Movies and lore often focus on the everyday scaring and terrorizing that monsters do. Let's see one of the most mundane things a horror icon has to do in their daily lives.

I kind of think Mr D wins the internet for this!!!

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