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10 Day challenge - day 8

This is another case of attraction to the character rather than the actor...

I remember when I saw Lord of the Rings fo the first time, and being absolutely fascinated by Legolas:

My attraction to Legolas wasn't exactly physical, it was more aesthetic.  I'd honestly never seen such a beautiful, elegant male character before.  I didn't want to have sexytimes wth Legolas, I just wanted to stand him in the corner and look at him forever!  There was even a time when I thought that Legolas was a partly CG character because I didn't believe that he could possibly be fully human.

It's odd, because 'pretty' isn't normally my thing when men are concerned, but I was absolutely transfixed by Legolas from the moment he first appeared on the screen at the Council of Elrond in the Fellowship of the Ring.

However, when I first saw Orlando Bloom in his 'natural' state, I was like "yeah, he's a decent looking guy, but..."

It must be the long, blond hair and pointy ears!
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