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Good evening, and happy Sunday!

Hey everyone!
Apologies for the radio silence today, but I have been busy GISHing.  However, I did have time to write a little drabble for the Fanfiction.net weekend drabble challenge (the challenge word was 'balance') - and this is it:


"Good Evening Dean."

"Hey Cas!"

"I know you have been busy today, so I thought I would surprise you with an evening meal."

"You got me pie and pizza? Wow, thanks Cas. That's freaking awesome."

"You're welcome Dean."

"What's brought this on, you've never got me food before!"

"Well, yesterday before Sam went away for his long weekend with Eileen, we talked and he mentioned to me that he's concerned with your long-term wellbeing, so he's been trying very hard to coax you to eat a balanced diet."

"Don't remind me, my ears are bleeding from all his goddamn nagging."

"And he didn't believe that you would stick to his regime while he was away."

"He got that damn right Cas."

"So he asked me to assist his cause."

"Oh he did, did he?"

"He is only thinking of your welfare Dean. It comes from a place of love."

"Well, Cas, it's not that I don't appreciate this because it's delicious, but I wouldn't say a meat feast pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni and a cherry pie exactly constitutes a 'balanced' diet."

"Oh it is, Dean I checked very thoroughly. Both dishes weigh exactly eleven point four ounces."



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