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10 Day challenge - day 4

Post 10 celebrities that you have been in love with (had a crush on).  One per day.  No comment, just a picture.  Then ask a friend to take up the challenge.

I challenge anyone who wants to play.  And bugger no comments, I'm going to sing like a canary!

Okay, so this is probably a bit of an odd one, I'm deviating out of showbiz into sport here...

Many of you probably know I'm a bit of a Cricket fan, and back in the late nineties, England cricket had a massive overhaul and got a new Captain.  And this particular appointment was quite a huge thing for England Cricket, which had always been very traditional, because the guy they chose was mixed-race.

His name was Nasser Hussain, and he was the product of an Indian father and an English mother.  He also had a reputation within the game as a 'bad boy'.  There was no denying he was very passionate about the game and was known to have a bit of a short fuse!

However, England Cricket was in the gutter when Nasser took charge, and over his four year tenure, he proved himself to be a great man manager, and a first-class captain who took the first steps to giving England Cricket its pride back.

Two years after Nasser retired, England had improved to the level that it was able to win back the Ashes, the highest prize in international Cricket.  So his legacy speaks for itself.

I admired the man for his dedication and passion for the game, and for a country that didn't always treat him the way they should because, well, you can work it out.

But I always thought he had a rather fascinating, exotic look about him...

And he had green eyes which proves, if nothing else, that apparently I have a type!

Just an interesting little factoid - of all the guys I've been interested in throughout my life, Nasser was the closest in age to me.  He's four days older than me!
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