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Water Sight to Behold - a Wet Jensen picspam

Jensen.  Wet.

‘Nuff said.  No preamble required…

Do I need to say more?

So to start gently, this is Jensen.  He is modelling the slightly damp post-shower look.  We will move onto more advanced levels of wetness later.

Let’s take a closer look at the slightly damp, post shower look, shall we?

The slightly damp, post-shower look is most often seen in the confines of the bunker or in a motel room.  It is commonly found in conjunction with the dead guy robe.

Jensen has been known to be slightly damp for other reasons ..

Don’t be rude!

Sudden downpours for instance...

And sweat...

We will expand upon this rather scrumptious sub-genre of wetness later…

Anyhoo.  Jensen is inclined, sometimes, to get a little bit wet.  This is the first step up from slight dampness.

There are manifold reasons for this degree of wetness.  These include:

Water pistols

A squirt of holy water to the kisser...

Which seems to happen quite often...

Sometimes he gets it with additional ‘angry lady waving firearms in his face’ to add a little extra flavour to the experience.

Other causes of a little bit wetness can include:

Chucking champagne about.  Well, at least it tastes better than holy water.

Or sudden rain showers.

Someone get this poor man an umbrella…

No actually, on second thoughts, don’t.


Occasionally Jensen’s wetness is self-inflicted:

Sometimes, it’s not clear as to the reason why Jensen is wet.

But, it’s still nice.

Moving on from a little bit wet, occasionally Jensen gets very wet.

Reasons for this can include:


‘Swimming’ includes rescuing endangered children from a lake which, of course, is very brave and admirable.

Unfortunately Jensen is fully clothed here, but to be fair, the kid was drowning and he didn’t have time to get his speedoes on.

Another common cause of very wetness is artsy-fartsy photoshoots

And not so artsy-fartsy photo shoots.

Actually adjectives fail me where this picture is concerned, but I’m so grateful it exists:

Look at Jensen waving his big hose around...

Then of course there is the photoshoot where Jensen got very, very, extremely, ridiculously wet.

I’m not too sure why photographers seem to have an obsession with getting Jensen wet.


Actually, you know what?  Forget I said that.

Moving on, sometimes Jensen only gets a specific part of his body wet.

Sweat is a common cause of this phenomenon:

As is the one perfect tear

Of course, this one causes most of us to follow suit and get wet faces.

Sports afford a good opportunity to see Jensen wet in various degrees:

Jensen doesn’t look particularly wet here, but I’m sure there is some moisture involved somewhere.

Also, wetness sometimes manifests as muddiness.

We’re not complaining.

And, as mentioned earlier, sports afford us an excellent opportunity to observe wetness in the form of sweatiness.

And observe we do.


So to conclude this celebration of waterlogged Jensen, I can’t wrap up without a paean of praise to the gold-standard of wet Jensen.

Shower scenes:

These scenes are as rare as rocking horse shit and should be savoured for their preciousness and rarity.

At least as much as Dean is savouring that shower

Or that shampoo, apparently…

Wet Jensen s a fine sight indeed.  Whether he be slightly damp, or as sodden as a British barbecue, it is a truth, universally acknowledged, that we all love him and want to lick him dry.

Even when he smells like a toilet…

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