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Hot Stuff!

I'm just reaching the end of my third week back in the office after 14 weeks of working from home.

It's actually been rather nice being back.  There have only been between four and eight people in the office at any one time, so we're all well spread out.  It's nice to have a little bit of company during the day, and best of all, I still have the flexibility to work from home whenever I wish.

When I arrive at the office each morning, I have to take my temperature.  We have one of those electronic thermometers that you point at your forehead; it's very quick and very easy.  Or so I thought...

So this morning I walked in, zapped myself, and the readout said ... 27.1 degrees C.

"Okay," I thought; "I should be in a coma right now."

I tried again.  27.4 degrees C.

On the plus side, at least I wasn't running a fever!

Clearly, as I obviously wasn't in a coma, I had to assume the problem was with the thermometer, so I had a word with our Procurement Manager who sourced the thermometer, and he came to have a look at it.  It seems that someone who came in before me didn't know how to use it properly and somehow managed to bugger up the calibration!

So I'm happy to report that I'm not suffering from advanced hypothermia...

And even if I was, it wouldn't matter because three hours later, I found this on my facebok feed.

And that warmed me up very nicely!
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