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Who is that mysterious masked figure?

So, as the unlocking continues here in the UK, the Government have announced that from the 4th July two households can meet indoors as well as outdoors.  So, on the 5th July I'll be heading over the the Isle of Wight to see my parents for the first time since February!  It's perfect timing as it's my Dad's birthday tomorrow, so I'll be able to take his gift over and give it to him personally! :)

While I'm thrilled to be able to go and see them, I'm not delusional.   I know I've still got to be very careful around them.  So I'll be masking up for the ferry journey, and for when I'm around my parents, or at least when I can't distance myself safely from them.

I haven't gone heavy duty clinical mask - I'd rather save those for the people that need them - so a few weeks ago I just treated myself to a couple of light fabric masks.   I've been trying them out when I go shopping, and I'll also be using them when I go back to working in the office later this week, but their main purpose has always been for this visit!

This is supposed to be 'zebra print'.  Personally,I think it's got more of a touch of 'dalmation' about it, but as long as it does the job...

What do you think?

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