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Supernatural Meme - Day 28, 29 and 30

Day 28 - Favourite Spn Dean quote

Oh heck, where to start?  Dean has given us great quotes by the ton; funny quotes, profound quotes, smartass quotes and quotes full of pathos.  So I'm going to chose Dean's great quote from the beginning of season 9 which basically sums up in one line everything that our show stanxds for:

To Sam: 'There ain't no me if there an't no you.'

Day 29 - Meg 1.0 or Meg 2.0

Meg 1.0 was far more sinister and malevolent than Meg 2.0, but Meg 0.2 had that sass that really gave her character some charm. She really grew on me over time.  So, Meg 0.2 for me.

Day 30 - Favourite season finale.

No contest for me.  No Rest for the Wicked (Season 3) when Dean's deal comes due and he's sent to Hell.  That was one of the most incredible hours of TV I've seen.  And the scenes of Dean in Hell ... *sobs*

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