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Lock and Load - A Lockdown Birthday Spam for JJ1564

My good buddy jj1564 is celebrating a birthday today.  Like many of us, she faces celebrating a birthday in lockdown of some degree, and this got me to thinking about how many times our dear boy gets himself locked up (or down) in one form or another.

Therefore, I am delighted to present, as a birthday gift to our lovely jj1564, a lockdown birthday spam.

As a diversion from my usual Jensen picspams, this spam is presented through the medium of Dean on account of the fact that Jensen doesn't seem to get himself handcuffed, tied up or otherwise restrained in any way very often.

Not that we know of, anyway ... ;)

Now, Dean does seem to get himself in all sorts of pickles.  Here he is getting into a pickle with tentacles.
Yes, I thought I'd start off classy and work up from there, is that ok?

Now, when it comes to locking up our boy, you don't necessarily have to resort to tentacles (although they're probably the most interactive, and the most  fun).  Good old fashioned chains work just as well.

So do metal straps.
(And lederhosen, apparently)

And ropes

And, even a bog-standard white shirt.  Whoever would have thought it?

And let's not forget plain and simple hands for ... jj1564, put him down, you don't know where he's been.

Sometimes, people go a bit overboard when locking Dean up, and he ends up looking a little battered
(As an aside, where do I apply for the job of sticking my hand up the front of Jensen's shirt? I'd be very good at it.)

Okay, I know technically this isn't Dean, but we can pretend, right?

Others lock him up in shackles which, let's face it, don't exactly offer much of a challenge.

Of course, when restraining Dean, handcuffs are a perennial favourite.

He can be handcuffed in front:
Look, he's showing us how nice and shiny his handcuffs are.

Or behind...
Apparently, these handcuffs aren't so shiny.  Or nice.  Well, either way, he doesn't look too happy about them!

Another thing tha... jj1564, what did I tell you?

Another important thing to consider when locking up/restraining Dean is the location.

Chairs are popular.

And not just ordinary chairs, Dentist's chairs also work well.

So do trees - they make all the effort of tying Dean up freaking worth it.

Sewers have been used, but for the protection of Dean's wellbeing, they are not recommended.
We like our boy nice and clean when he's all tied up and pretty.

But you can't go wrong with a nice big table.
Like this...

Or this:
Okay, being pedantic, I know he's not specifically restrained, tied up or locked down here, but he's dead - so it's not like he's going anywhere.

ditto here.
Please note: these pictures are entirely relevant within the context of this picspam and are not feeble attempts to shoehorn a picture of Dean's bare chest into the mix.
Totally not.

It is worth remembering that Dean doesn't like being tied up (unless he's paying for the service), and as a result has been known to get a bit mouthy.
There is a solution to this:

Dean and Sam have been known to get tied up together. Although it's Christmas, they don't seem to be very merry about this.

Out of respect, efforts should always be made to ensure Dean is the right way up when being restrained:

And it is always worth remembering that Dean is a tricksy bugger who can escape from any inescapable situation as long as he's got a paperclip in his pocket.

So, in conclusion we  have learned the following:
Dean doesn't like being restrained, tied up or locked down.
Dean is good at escaping from being restrained, tied up or locked down
Dean looks dead sexy is very emotional and expressive when restrained, tied up or locked down


jj1564, I know it's your birthday, but seriously?  Stop it!

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