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Meet D.G.

With the Dapplegrey summer season almost upon me, I felt it only right and proper to pay tribute to D.G, Dapplegrey's uncomplaining, loyal and most hardworking member of staff.

D.G has been with me for four years, and he is the best kind of employee you can imagine; works for nothing and keeps his mouth shut.  As my PR department, his job is to draw people into the stall who would much rather talk to a stuffed dapplegrey horse than to me (and there are a worryingly large number of them).

He is constantly harangued by kids, he has been rained on, snowed on, and sniffed, licked and - on one memorable occasion, mounted - by every passing dog.

So, herewith, I am proud to present the adventures of D.G, the face of Dapplegrey Art ...


D.G can always be found standing faithfully at his post at the front of the stall.


Or in the middle of it.


Or even on top of it.


Unfortunately, D.G has to put up with less-than-salubrious travel arrangements.


He likes to keep a close eye on pre-show preparations.


He also likes to oversee the setting up and taking down of the stall to make sure it's being done properly.


He's happy to enter into the spirit of any occasions, such as the Julbilee.


Or Christmas.


Sometimes he has to put up with embarrassing people who buy strange hats from fellow traders and lower the tone of the stall.


D.G takes his work very seriously.


Sometimes it all gets too much for him.


And when it does he likes to wander off and find some nice juicy pasture to graze on


Sometimes he has to wander quite a long way ...


Sadly, he doesn't get many days off because previous attempts to replace him have failed spectacularly.

Thank you D.G, my little friend!

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