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Supernatural meme - Day 18 and 19

Day 18 - Favourite Ghost/Monster

Wow, what a difficult decision - so many to choose from.  I could say Crowley was a favourite, but I've already chosen him in another category.
In terms of Monsters, I always think Supernatural does 'moster/ghost' kids so well.  The little girl from the painting, the little girl in the manor house hotel, the boy in the lake, the changelings, Lilith, and I'm sure there were others; they were all so delightfully creepy.  Thanks, Supernatural, for putting me off children for life!

As an aside, I'm not sure they qualify as monsters because they're so good and harmless, but the Zanna were absolutely adorable!

Day 19 - Favourite Gag reel moment

I'm inclined to say the time that Jared fell through the door, and the sheer hilarity on Jensen's face is a joy to behold, but running it a very close second is the time where Jensen, all done up in his LaRPing gear, goes arse over head during the big battle charge, and Jared stops, not to help his friend, but to stab him!

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