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Supernatural Meme - Day 16 and 17

Day 16 - Favourite Demon

There can only be one, right Darling?

Day 17 - Favourite Spn Ship

I do enjoy a bit of J2, or Destiel.  To a lesser degree, Wincest.  From a fanfic point of view, to hold my interest, a ship has to be Dean or Jensen-centric.

On the show, I'd love to see Dean and Donna get together, they clearly adore each other and have so much in common - and not just donuts!  I always thought that Sam and Rowena was a fun pairing, and there was a bit of a spark between them.  Okay, so the whole 'one day you'll kill me' thing was a bit awkward, but without that, who knows, they might have got it together!

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