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Quarantine Photo Scavenger Hunt - Day 19

Something that keeps me sane

yourself (disguised enough that you're comfortable sharing the photo) your favorite book (we won't tell any of the others you picked a favorite) merchandise from a fandom (pick your definition of fandom--sports 100% qualify) your exercise equipment the view out a window
something alive a meal a letter/postcard from someone (feel free to redact) something that keeps you sane your computer
a useful tool memorabilia from an event outside wild card a game you've been playing a musical instrument
something someone made for you a gift you're planning to give an outfit you've worn recently (with or without you inside it) something that makes you smile the kitchen sink
something unexpected something funny a bad habit a good habit something you're proud of

Using my imagination keeps me sane and always has.  Pure and simple.

Whether it be art, writing or reading, I've grown up needing that creative outlet like I need air in my lungs!

So, just for something different, there are a few old pictures of mine that combine two of my loves - art and stories.  These probably date back to my late teens.  I used to do lots of pictures like these - before I got wrapped up in dapplegrey art and Spn portraits.  It would be nice to go back to doing a few things like this again one day!!   :)

A Knight

Jousting knights

Irish mythological hero Cu Chulainn

Sir Galahad
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