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Did you know ...

... that I'm bored, so I decided to share a of bit of disturbed silliness with you all.

I bring you ... well what else really?  Dean on the receiving end of a hard time!

Disclaimer: I don't own them, letter to Santa obviously got lost ...

Rating: K+
Genre: Hurt/comfort (only without the comfort bit)
Word count: approx 100


White noise.

Curling on the floor, Dean tried to open his eyes, but pain spiked through his head. Arching in agony, mouth gaping a silent scream, he pressed his hands over his ears, feeling warm blood trickle through trembling fingers.

He panted through clenched teeth, praying for an end to the blinding pain, fighting the nausea rising in his throat.


Abruptly, the dissonant wail ceased; the pain subsided. Dean rolled limply onto his back, a stray tear clinging to wet lashes, bloodstained palms flopped across a sweat soaked, heaving chest.


Castiel had forgotten he gave Jimmy Novak a day off …




Tags: castiel, dean winchester, humour, hurt comfort, supernatural

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