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Supernatural Meme - Day 10, 11 and 12

So I was cracking on with this before I got waylaid by Spring Fic exchange, birthdays and GISH!  So in an attempt to catch up a bit, here are the next three answers:

Day 10 - Favourite Misha character

Misha has played lots of variations of Castiel, as well as other characters such as Jimmy Novak and 'French Mistake' Misha.  But for my favourite MIsha character, I'm going to go with Human Cas;.  I loved the few episodes he was in, and I wish they had explored his character so much more.  It would have been fun to go on Human Cas' journey and see him learning through lots more human experiences than we actually got.

Day 11 - Favourite Character Introduction

I think Castiel's intriduction in Lazarus Rising is spectacular, especially as that was Castiel at his po-faced, smitey best.  The only character introduction that compared was the introduction of Julian's Death, where the song, O Death combined with Julian's fabulously gaunt and severe appearance absolutely nailed that scene.

Day 12 - Scariest Episode

For me the scariest episodes of Supernatural include The Benders, Family Remains and Breakdown.  The episodes where the villains are humans are always more scary  to me because they're too close to home.  I mean, that shit actually happens.  Dean put it perfectly when he said 'Demons I get, people are crazy!'

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