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Happy Post: It's that GISH time again!

If I haven't been around much over the weekend, it's because I was busy, along with 8 equally masochistic team mates, humiliating myself in the name of Random Acts.

This was a great GISH, and our team manged to complete 58 items out of the 108 items available!

I personally managed to complete 8 items, three more than the last one-day GISH in April, so I'm rather happy abut that.

Anyway, just for jolly, here are my random and occasionally crazy efforts:

Item no. 19 - Your home is more than your castle. It's swiftly becoming a sovereign nation, and like every nation, it needs a tourism board. Create a one-page brochure or video advertising travel to your house as a coveted destination

Item no. 20 - The Summer Olympics got canceled, but that doesn't keep a focused athlete like you down. Show us your entry in the Socially-Distanced Games in an event like stick-pony equestrian jumping, toilet tissue rhythmic gymnastics, gift-wrap tube fencing, indoor bedsheet "skiing", channel surfing, the long bed-jump, kitchen-table tennis, or other event - you get the idea. Take the gold.

Item no. 22 - Let's see a picture of your favorite hero (real-life or fictional) destroying the evil COVID. You may use any medium you like - pencils, paints, Photoshop, pet hair...

(No prizes for guessing who my favourite hero is!!)

Item no. 39 - Write a haiku illustrating some silver lining of pandemic life that you have discovered

Item no. 42. Some people say that clutter is ugly. Those people just lack vision. Show us a beautiful accessory (a hat, necklace, broach, or corsage), created entirely out of objects from your junk drawer. (You may not use rubber bands or paperclips.)

Item no. 83 - With the help of a grownup, find the oldest ancestral furniture, relic or picture in the house and hear the story behind it. For example, I have my great, great grandmother's cutting board. What's something that's been passed down in your family? Make sure to caption the photo so we know what we're seeing and who it belonged to. FYI, I didn't need a grown-up's help (Unless you count Mr D, who took the photos!)

Item no. 91 It's time for a wild animal parade! Organize all the stuffed animals in your house from tallest to shortest...

(Spot the little interloper ... ;D )

Item no. 97 You are true royalty. Make a paper crown out of flowers, twigs, tissue paper, etc. and wear it proudly.

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