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Where there's a Will

In honour of the birth of a royal bouncing baby for Will and Kate, I feel inspired to post this little snippet that I wrote a while back to commemorate their royal wedding ...


Rating: T (for randy Dean getting down to business)
Genre: Humour
Word Count: 200

Surprisingly, Dean's taken a great interest in the royal wedding ...


Gathering the willowy brunette in his arms, Dean pulled her tenderly into a lingering kiss, skilful fingers threading through long silken hair. Her slender arms wrapped around his muscular back kneading the firm flesh beneath his shirts with nimble manicured fingertips.

She pulled back diving into her lover's penetrating green gaze; "oh, Dean; what would William say?"

A moist tongue ghosted across full lips stained with smudged lipstick as he gave a sly wink; "probably some crap like; 'oh, how ghastly; that dreadful common yank is banging my wife, la-di-dah, pass the port,' or whatever it is that posh English dudes say!"

She giggled breathlessly as his lips hungrily explored her slim neck, and their entwined bodies sank bonelessly onto the four-poster bed; a well-practiced palm gliding over slim legs, calloused fingertips tracing a lace stocking-top as he growled her name between harsh, panting breaths.

"Dean …" she sighed in glorious surrender

"Kate …"

"Dean …"

"DEAN !"

Bleary eyes snapped open and Dean peered sourly over the top of a frayed blanket which smelt faintly of sweat and lasagne.

The decidedly un-willowy brunette standing beside him moaning about rancid socks in the sink was in no way female, royal or beautiful.

Dean rolled over with a groan.

"My life sucks."



Tags: dean winchester, drabbles, fan fiction, humour, sam winchester, supernatural

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