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Picture Perfect

My Good friend meazrael_64 is having a birthday tomorrow, and Dean is on his annual quest to give her a picture-perfect birthday ...

Whatever happens, I hope your day is all kinds of awesome, my friend!

Rating: K+
Genre: Humour
Characters: Sam and Dean
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 400

"Hey Sam, I was thinking about doing something special for MeAzrael's birthday."

"Again? Seriously Dean, that poor woman."

"Oh Sammy, no imagination, that's your problem. Now, I was thinking; what's something that she really likes?"

"What about you leaving her the hell alone? I bet she'd really like that."

"So bitter Sammy, so bitter. No, something that she really likes is … me!"


"Yup, that's right, dude, yours truly; she digs me man! But, I thought that as I can't share myself around and give her the real deal, what about a picture of me instead?"

"A picture. Of you?"

"Yup, look – what'dy think?"

"What the hell…? What is it?"

"What d'y mean 'what is it?'; it's a painting. A self-portrait to be exact."

"A self-portrait? Who of?"

"Who of? Who d'you think numbnut? It's me of course; I painted it!"

"I'm speechless."

"Impressed, overcome with emotion? I can understand that."

"Dean, it's …"

"I've never painted a picture before; d'you think MeAzrael will like it?"

"Um… well, I'm not sure 'like' is the right word. I guess she could hang it in the attic to scare the spiders away."

*Hmmph* "Well, I like it. I think I captured my eyes really well, don't you?"

"Well, yeah … I guess. Shame they're not in the right place though."

"You just don't appreciate fine art Sam, that's your trouble. This is gonna give MeAzrael all the feels!"

"It'll give her nightmares!"

"Whatever Sam, I'm gonna package it up now."

"Hey Dean, just a thought – where did you get that canvas and frame?"

"Oh, I took a crappy old painting down off the wall, from over there, and painted over it."

"What, the Hopper?"

"I dunno what you call it; that skeevy old picture of some miserable old building in the rain; you know, the one we never looked at."

"Yeah, the Edward Hopper painting. You painted over it?"

"Whatever, it was depressing."

"Dean, it's listed in the Men of Letters' ledger of investment assets."


"Edward Hopper was one of the premier American artists of the early 20th century. One of his works sold at auction last year for $26 million."

"Wow. Um …"



"…I might have some white spirit in the garage."

"Damnit Dean!"

"I wonder if MeAzrael would like a box of chocolates instead?"



Tags: birthday, dean winchester, fan fiction, fandom, humour, sam winchester, supernatural

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