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Supernatural Meme - Day 4

Day 4 - favorite male character (excluding Sam or Dean)

I've had to narrow this down to two, because I can't separate them:


I've enjoyed Castiel's character development from the early days stoney-faced, smitey 'dick with wings' Castiel, to Dean's best friend and 'brother'.  I've enjoyed Castiel's journey of learning about humanity and his many hilarious misunderstandings.  I don't think Castiel's storyline has always been the best, and he's a character that's made some decisions and choices that I really haven't understood or agreed with, but on the whole, I have a very big soft spot for Castiel iand he's a character that I'd really miss


My lovable, grumpy crusty ol' codger.  As salty as a bowl of pretzels but with a kind streak a mile wide.  He was the father figure the boys needed so much, and when he said he 'adopted' two boys and they grew up heroes', I was snivelling like a pathetic snivelly thing!!

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