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Movie Meme

Here's a bit of fun pilfered from jj1564

Favourite movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Movie that makes you remember your childhood: The Wizard of Oz
Favourite Tom Hanks movie: The Green Mile
Movie that makes you cry: Watership Down
Favourite 80's movie: Neverending Story
Favourite comedy: Frost and Pegg: The Cornetto Trilogy
Favourite sports movie: Seabiscuit
Favourite courtroom movie: Don't really have one - not a grenre that particularly interests me.
Favourite horror movie: The Mothman Prophecies
Most overrated movie: Top Gun
Favourite gangster movie: Again, can't think of one, not a genre I'm interested in
Movie you can watch over and over: The Dish
Movie with the best soundtrack: The Boat that Rocked
Movie you're most embarrassed that you love: The Carry On films
Favourite Christmas movie: Love Actually
Favourite sequel: The Empire Strikes Back
Favourite Sci-Fi movie: (I've added this category because it was a glaring omission for me) Star Wars - A New Hope
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