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I've been otherwise engaged writing something long and dark and angst ridden over on FF.net, but decided it was time to head on over here and make a post in belated honour of our beautiful boy's birthday on January the 24th.

Ladies (and gentlemen?)  it is with great pleasure I bring you a starry, starry night , a healthy appetite, and a gloriously hot, sweaty bare back! 

Happy Birthday Dean  xx

Disclaimer: I don't own him or anything else SN; but he would have had SUCH a good birthday if I did!!!

Genre: General/Brothers
Rating: K
Word Count: approx 100


The brothers perched on the Impala's hood, winding down after another gruelling hunt.

Relaxing with a beer, they gazed up in silence at the stars.

Eventually, Dean spoke. "It's really big, space."

Sam looked at him. "Uh, yeah!"

"like, really big."

Sam pondered. "Uh, yeah - I know!"

"I mean, just think of the biggest place ever then, increase that by, like, billions, and that's what space is like"

Sam sighed and rubbed his forehead. "What's your point, Dude?"

"My point is, a mile back to the gas mart isn't so far for you to walk to get my chocolate."



Genre: Humour
Rating: K
Word count: approx 100



Sam watched astonished as Dean scoffed another cheeseburger; his third with barely a pause for breath.

Sitting on his bed, he was surrounded by the wreckage of his binge; six empty fries boxes, a giant bag of chips, two half-eaten hot-dog buns, and some abandoned pizza crusts.

"Hey Sammy", he snapped, licking his fingers, "I'm still hungry, toss me that bag of M&M's!"

Sam sighed and reluctantly did as he was told.

"Dude," Dean grinned messily, round a mouthful of chocolate, "this is one witches curse I could recommend!"

Sam frowned, "Yeah - now try sayin' that with your jeans done up!"


Genre: Humour
Rating: K
Word Count: approx 100


Hot" came a muffled voice

Sam sat on his bed stewing moodily in the suffocating heat and tried to ignore it.

"Really hot"

"Yes dude, so am I, but it's midsummer in Texas and the aircon's broken"

"Meltin'" gasped Dean, face down on his bed; a thin sheet spread over his hips, bare back glistening with perspiration.

Sam sighed in the treacle thick air. "Do I need to remind you that it was you that broke it when you kicked it for makin' too much noise last night? …"

Dean looked up with effort and glared at the offending aircon unit.

"Friggin' pile o'junk!" he snorted.



Tags: dean winchester, humour, impala, sam winchester, sulky!dean, supernatural

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