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Happy Post: Dizzo Update


So what's been going on in my world then?

Not a whole lot, to be honest...

But I'm happy to report that my bike, which you may remember, looked like this last week:

Well, it now looks like this:

Mr D has worked his magic, and my lovely 25 year old bike which hasn't seen the light of day for eight months now looks (and moves) like it came off the assembly line last week!

Of course, he finished it just in time for the rain to set in for most of this week ... *rolls eyes* ... but I'm looking forward to getting out on it - eventually

In other news, my little plushie solar system has expanded again, with this lovely lady joining the gang:

Yes, my beautiful little Venus has arrived.  Well, I need a sassy lady to keep all those boys in check.  :D
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