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I'm dribblng!

Me dribbling is by no means unusual when a picture of Jensen is in the vicinity, however, I'm talking about a different sort of dribbling.

My delightful oppo, jj1564, intrduced me to the concept of 'dribbling', as opposed to drabbling, in this post.

A 'dribble' contains ten lines.  The first line contains ten words and each subsequent line has one word less until on the last line you're down to just one word.

So, of course, I had to have a go!

Therefore, dear f/listies, here is my very first 'dribble'!

Ten years ago, they walked, or drove, into my life
Those two awesome brothers and their big black car
Leather jackets, bow legs and floppy chestnut hair
Saving people, hunting things, the family business
Family that doesn’t end with blood
Flawed, frightened and always faithful
Driver picks the music
Selfless, reckless, shameless
My boys

Tags: dean winchester, dribble, fan fiction, sam winchester

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