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Quarantine Photo Scavenger Hunt - Day 8

My Exercise Equipment

yourself (disguised enough that you're comfortable sharing the photo) your favorite book (we won't tell any of the others you picked a favorite) merchandise from a fandom (pick your definition of fandom--sports 100% qualify) your exercise equipment the view out a window
something alive a meal a letter/postcard from someone (feel free to redact) something that keeps you sane your computer
a useful tool memorabilia from an event outside wild card a game you've been playing a musical instrument
something someone made for you a gift you're planning to give an outfit you've worn recently (with or without you inside it) something that makes you smile the kitchen sink
something unexpected something funny a bad habit a good habit something you're proud of

This whole working from home lark has halved, maybe even more, my usual level of activity, and that's very frustrating.  So, I need all the inspiration I can get to find ways to get my increasingly giant arse out and about.  So with that in mind, I decided to get my bike out of mothballs, where it's been locked away in Mr D's shed since September.  I'm totally a fair weather cyclist, but as the weather seems to be improving and the days are getting longer, it seems like an ideal time to do it.

Mr D said he would give it a 'bit of a service' before I went out on it.

Apparently, he wasn't joking!

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