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Happy Post: Celebrating 21 Years

Well hello gang!  I hope you're all bearing up under lockdown, and staying well and healthy :)

It occurred to me at the weekend that I never acknowledged Livejournal's 21st anniversary recently.

Now, as I've spent the better part of my fandom years with Livejournal as my online home - it will be 10 years in December - this felt like a grievous oversight.

I thought about what I could do...  I could post my 21 favourite Jensen pics, but then, how do you pick 21 favourites from the 328,848,861,002,763 pictures of Jensen I have on my hard drive?

Then I thought I could rehash my 21 favourite posts or my 21 favourite drabbles... but, nah, too predictable.

So I decided to make this post about me, about you, about our boys, and about my experience of the Spn fandom in general, because Livejournal has played a massive part in that whole experience.

So herewith are 21 pictures that sum up my fandom time, and why it has been so bloody AWESOME!!

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