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Easter Lockdown

Happy Good Friday Peeps!

Well, it's been a beautiful day, and in line with our lockdown, we've spent the entirety of it sitting in the garden.  We ventured to the back gate and had a socially-distanced chat with our neighbours, Becky and Mark, (from either side of the road!) but we ended up eating our dinner and enjoying a bottle of wine in the garden and it was lovely.  I was also able to sit down and actually do some art at last.

I must admit, that over the last few weeks, my creativity has been seriously lacking.  I have had a big inspiration slowdown, which I think is a combination of many things.  The general situation, worry about my parents, worry about Mr D stil working with the public, and uncertainty surrounding various arrangements that I have in place eg: Darklight con in Paris and Jus in Bello.  Not to mention that in the four weeks since I've been working from home, I've fallen into a very bad habit of basically working around 11-12 hours a day - don't ever let anyone tell you that working from home is a doss!

So yes, my muse has gone AWOL recently.  However, the prospect of four lazy days and some decent sunshine seems to have brought her out of hiding, and today I spent a nice few hours in the garden working on a picture with, I hope, a bit of humour in it.

It came from a conversation Mr D and I had about the days when we used to go horse riding together, and how Mr D seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time on the floor...

This picture's called 'What are you doing down there?'

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