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Memey Stuff - Fours and Fives

Well two of my bestest friends, jj1564 and amberdreams, are doing this double meme so, not to be left out …

What are the FIVE films you have watched countless times and never get sick of?
1. The DIsh
2. The Shawshank Redeption
3. The Green Mile
4. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
5. Star Wars IV – A New Hope

Then - FOURS
Four names I go by:
1. Jane
2. Diz/Dizzo
3. Janie D (the girls in work call me that)
4. Ludders (one person stiil calls me that, based on my maiden name)
Four places I have lived :
1. Southwark, London
2. No. 35, Bagshot, Surrey, UK
3. No. 5, Bagshot, Surrey, UK
4. Lightwater, Surrey, UK
Four things I love to watch on TV at the moment:
1. Supernatural
2. Portrait Artist of the Year
3. Inside Number 9
4. Monkey Life
Four places I have visited recently:
1. London
2. The Belfry, Birmingham
3. Isle of Wight
4. Kingston
Four things I love to eat:
1. Chocolate
2. Fish and Chips
3. Buttered crumpets
4. Cheese
Four places you’d love to go:
1. Machu Pichu
2. New Zealand South Island
3. Yellowstone National Park
4. Moscow and St Petersburg
Four things I love to drink:
1. Sauvignon Blanc
2. Skinny Cappucchino/Latte
3. Tonic Water with Lime
4. Earl Grey Tea
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