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The Horses of Dapplegrey Art

When I first set out to show my art professionally seven years ago, I originally intended to stick to my first art love, horses (and horse derivatives) and be more of an equestrian artist than a general animal artist so I chose a name that reflected this.

I soon came to realise that this was too narrow a range for me to be able to make a viable living, and I was often asked about dog and cat portraits which I didn't want to turn down, so I decided to diversify and become more of a generalist, and thus the dapplegrey art that you all know was born.

However, people were starting to know the name dapplegrey art and look for me at shows, and as I liked the name anyway, I saw no reason to change it.

Despite that, you've probably noticed that I still have more horses in my portfolio than anything else; so here's a little collection to celebrate dapplegrey's origins ...

The horses of dapplegrey art (with a couple of interlopers because I couldn't resist ...)

PicMonkey Collage (3)
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