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Happy Post: What a Lucky Dizzo I am!

So my birthday came and went and my lovely fandom buddies made me feel very special and very loved.  I thought I'd had enough birthdays that I'd be fed up with them now, but nope; I still get excited about my special day, and here are all the beautiful gifts and messages from you gorgeous lot that made the day even more special!

From my lovely chum  edina_clouds128, I got an awesome Netflix voucher!

From my fellow sarf london Lovely jj1564 i got this gorgeous mug ... but, but I'll be so busy staring, the tea will get cold by the time I remember it's there!

From my fab con buddy, and partner-in-JIB, amberdreams I got a pack of 100 Supernatural postcards and some Supernatural sticky notes - something new, which I'd never seen before! :D  I'll be spending a good few hours over the weekend perusing my postcards (that's Dizzo-speak for 'drooling over my boys')

And from my other amazing con buddy and long-suffering roomie, sasha_dragon, I got...

I foresee a 'Cooking with Crowley' in my near future!!

As well as these treasures, I also got the following online treats:

This fab songspam from jj1564
Some scrumptious Jensen from kiramaru7
Beautiful boys from jdl71
Happy Birthday Dizzo from jj1564's minis at spn_on_parade
Birthday Greetz a la Level 4 from heliokleia's little loonies at spn_on_parade
Jared and Jensen love from casey28

And there's more ...

Thank you the_rant_girl, tyson1997, and heliokleia for your great v-gifts and thanks also to fanspired (and Tazzie), zara_zee, fairyniamh, eternal_moonie, auntmo9, stir_of_echoes, meus_venator, kazluvsbooks and emmatheslayer for your kind birthday PMs

All this, in addition to heaps and heaps of fandom related goodies on Facebook.   I'll say it again ... what a lucky Dizzo I am!!!

(If I've missed anyone, don't take it personally - it's my age!  Just let me know and I'll make sure to add you!)
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