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Happy Post: Birthday Fun

I had what was quite possibly the oddest birthday I've ever celebrated in my 52 years yesterday!

Mr D and I both had the day off which was nice.  We knew  that we'd be spending most of the day in the house, so we took a litle walk up to the village centre in the morning to go to the post office (which was closed!!!!) and to top up our wine supply.  We also grabbed a latte from the Costa Express machine in the supermarket and found a secluded bench in the square and just sat together in the cool April sunshine for a few minutes drinking it before we then headed back home to resume my birthday lock-in.  Although we physically couldn't go anywhere, we went on a movie adventure to Middle Earth with Frodo, Samwise et al instead

I'll be doing a thank you post for all the fabulous fandom goodies that I received, both virtual and in real life, yesterday - I was thoroughly spoilt and felt very loved!

However, in the meantime, here's my gift from Mr D.

You may recall that I've recently accumulated a budding collection of plushie planets ...

Well now they've got the cutest little Sun to orbit around!

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