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Dizzo update

So, like many others, my life this week has barely ventured beyond the confines of my house - I'm living and working there at the moment as we're completing our first week in lockdown.  I've walked up to the local supermarket twice and the most interesting part of the week was yesterday at 8pm when the UK collectively stood outside their houses (respecting social distancing of course), and clapped to support and show appreciation for the workers of our amazing National Health Service who in the midst of this crisis are putting their lives at risk to help others.  The day will never dawn that I will not be thankful for the miracle that is our NHS.

I was proud of my little village.  As well as applause, we had fireworks and someone further up the road was playing a trumpet!  He was too far away for me to recognise the tune, but you can't fault the gesture!!

So this is just a quick update to say Mr D and I are fine, and if I have't been around much this week, it's basically because I've got nothing to say!!!

I hope you're all keeping safe and well and looking after you and yours.

I loves you loads!!

And here's some complimentary Jensen because, well, why not??
(Anyone else jealous of that microphone?)

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