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10 Albums Meme

The lovely jj1564 invited me to take part in a fun meme on Facebook.  The challenge was to post 10 album covers in 10 days that have really had an impact on me.

On Facebook, the idea of the meme was not to accompany each picture with any words or explanation.  So, instead I'm going to post my ten albums over here - with an explanation of why they're so important to me...

Starting off with my teenage heroine.  Toyah's originality appealed to the creative side of me - I can't remember how many arguments I had with my Mum about having my hair like Toyah.  In addition to her obvious talent, I loved Toyah for being a strong, principled woman who had overcome a lot of adversity during her life.
I accumulated about a dozen of her albums throughout the 80's.  This was her first album after making it big, and was always one of my fvourites.


The Flying Pickets appeared on the scene  in 1982 with a stunning Accapella version of 'Only You'.  I'd never heard accapella singing before and was mesmerised.  They were six unglamorous, midde-aged guys and this album was from one of their first gigs - an equally unglamorous venue in East London - and it was a live recording - brilliant and hilarious.  I grew up in a very right-wing family, and the Flying Pickets were well known for being extremely left-wing (the name says it all) and it was the first time I'd heard really entertaining and convincing opinions that were completely contrary to everything I'd grown up hearing.


Because Monty Python songs are genius - that is all.


One of the most perfect musical productions to ever exist.  My Dad bought this album when it was released in 1978 and I have never been without a copy since then, and never will be.
This was the first album I ever bought on CD.


Kate Bush, another strong, principled and very talented lady who appealed to my creative side.


I've always enjoyed a bit of light classical music and was introduced to the Planets Suite at a very early age by my Grandparents.  My Grandad's favourite movement was Mars, my Grandma's favourite movement was Jupiter.

I can sit quite happily and listen to the whole suite, but those two movements can lift my emotions as high as any planet!


The longest musical love affair of my life.  When I was 7, I was fascinated by this crazy record that was full of strange words and opera singing and seemed to go on for hours.  When I was 14, Roger Taylor was one of my first crushes.  When I was 23, Freddie passed away and one of the greatest musical talents who ever lived was taken from us way too soon.
In between time, Queen gifted us with some of the greatest pop and rock songs ever made.


I went to see Les Miserables on stage for the first time on 6th August 1988.  Since then I have seen it at least 15 times (I lost count...)


Another favourite Toyah album - I tortured my parents incessantly listening to this!  I may have loved Toyah, but I don't think they were as enamoured :D


The nutty boys, seven crazy, talented lads from London, another band that never made a bad song.  Fun ska beats and great lyrics.  Who couldn't love a band who wrote songs about driving a crappy old car, having a heart attack, and falling in love with a lamp-post.

I went to see Madness at the end of my 50th birthday celebrations, and at the begnning of their 40th anniversary celebrations.  They might be older, fatter, and balder, but they've still got it!

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