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I'm just an unsociable git!

So, tomorrow marks the end of our first week of working from home.

Dare I say, it seems to be going very well. I've been productive, and got a great little workplace set up on my dining table.

My boss is great, she's setting up check in calls on MS Teams to make sure we're all ok, and is very intent on protecting us in terms of mental health due to working alone. 

One thing she mentioned today was that she and our Head of HR link up on Facetime all day.  She said 'we don't necessarily talk, it's just like having someone else in the room, so you feel like you have company, and then we can talk whenever we need to'.  She suggested that I, and the payroll co-ordinator, Karen, do this, so that we can enjoy having the company.

In the end, I thanked her for her concern, but I'm actualy very comfortable with my own company.  I've spent four days working alone at home this week, and loved every minute of it.  I have my personal laptop in the back ground playing cheesy music videos, and that's all  the company I need.

Karen and I hook up on Teams or on the phone when we need to, but otherwise, it's just me, my laptop and a bit of 80's cheese, and I'm in heaven!

My inner introvert is having a party at the moment.  I guess I'm just an unsociable git!!  XD
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