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Checking in ... Hello!

So, the world seems to become a stranger place day by day.

My work has gone into meltdown; understandable really, because I work for a company that operates retirement villages so most of our clients are elderly, and many of them are frail.  I'm working from home for the foreseeable future as are the rest of our head office. It's productive, but a little bit lonely!

I'm voluntarily self-isolating myself as much as possible.  I'm not particularly concerned with myself in mind, but moreso because I'm going to visit my Mum and Dad the weekend after next and I absolutely can't risk taking anything over to the Island with me.  Plus I have other important people in my life with health issues and whether or not I'll be seeing them before this fiasco is all over, I can't say, but if I do, I need to be absolutely confident I'm free of nasties.

Mr D, unfortunately, does a job that he can't do at home.  Plus he works with the public, and there are no signs of the court closing any time soon. We had a bit of a scare last week when a solicitor who had visited the court a few days beforehand, tested positive on Thursday last week, but so far so good.  I'm making sure Mr D keeps me posted of the first hint of a sore throat or a cough at court, because if there is, I'm not going anywhere near my parents, or anyone else!

But anyway, we're all going through this, and we're all in it together.  Long distance hugs to you all.  Stay well and stay safe ...

Here are some pretties to brighten up the boredom of self-isolation!

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