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Happy Post: It appears my birthday has begun!

So, although my birthday is two weeks away yet, I got my first birthday present today courtesy of Mr D.

To explain what it is, I have to go back a few weeks to a post from casey28 who had found herself the most adorable plushie planet Pluto, complete with little plushie Charon moon clinging to him, and posted a picture of them.

That night, I showed the plushie collection, known as Celestial Buddies, to Mr D and we spent an evening gushing over how cute they were.

So today, there was an Amazon delivery, and Mr D gave it to me to open straight away - he was too excited to wait two weeks

And these are the little cuties who have entered my life today!

They are Pluto and Charon (they're joined by a magnet, so can be displayed joined together or separately) Mr D chose them because they're the first ones I fell for.

I love that Pluto has his little heart on his belly!

And Mars' little white polar topknot is to die for!  Mr D chose Mars because my star sign is Aries, the Greek version of Mars, and also because I love the War of the Worlds, and all its naughty martians.

I can foresee an entire solar system coming my way before too long!!!
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