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True Blue - an analysis of the colour blue through the medium of Jensen

Out of all the colours in the world, blue is the most popular and the most widespread.  It is the color of the sea and the sky; the colour of many important corporate logos and appears of 53% of the world's national flags.

Blue is often associated with the melancholy side of life, but that is only one small facet of this fascinating and beautiful colour.

Now, in addition, it seems that blue is a colour that Jensen likes because he wears it quite a lot. Well, he would; blue is the colour associated with boys and Jensen is, beyond any reasonble doubt, a boy. 

So it gives me great delight to explore the multiple delights of Jensen the colour blue, as kindly illustrated for us by Jensen.

Aren't we lucky!

So, blue is widely recognised as a colour that represents importance and prestige.  This is why the universal terminology for royalty is 'blue blood'.

We cant see Jensen's blood here - which, of course, is a good thing - but if you could it would definitely be blue!

I mentioned earlier that blue appears in 53% of the world's national flags. 

Blue is seen as a colour that commands respect.  This is why it is the colour of choice for many uniforms.
Jensen is commanding a lot of respect in this picture ...
*salutes from the floor*

Although 'navy blue' is very dark, not all navy uniforms use it.  Jensen commands respect in a submariners' uniform too.
*salutes from the torpedo bay*

Because of its associations with strength and power, blue is popular for sport kits:

And for the same reasons, it's popular with corporate douchebags.
*waves from the boardroom floor*

The theory goes, that blue suits make one appear powerful and important.  Let's test this theory...

Perhaps we can add 'eyewateringly pretty' to that list, but otherise, yup; theory proved.

Apparently, Jensen and Misha are engaged in a debate about who is importanter here?

Sometimes it's not even necessary for the suit to be blue.  Blue accessories will work just as well.

There are many shades of blue.
There is dark blue which symbolises intelligence, trust and authority...
*yes sir, Mr Jensen, sir*

Medium/bright blue which symbolises coolness and cleanliness.

And light blue which symbolises spirituality and dreamlike ethereality
*dreaming of things that definitely aren't ethereal*

And Jensen rocks them all.

He even rocks the blue hairnet and pinny combo.
*waves from the kitchen floor - away from the oven.  We value health and safety here at Dizzo's journal*

Moving seamlessly from hairnets, blue is also the colour associated with dignity...

And purity...
Although I don't feel very pure right now!

Blue is most often associate with coolness.
And we know Jensen is always cool...

Jensen knows it too...

It's also the colour of peace and tranquility
Although apparetly Jensen hasn't got that memo...

Because of its calming effect, blue is a popular ambient colour.
It also makes Jensen's face look very prettyl

And, of course, Jensen in a cage will never not be sexy.

It's not known if blue's efffect of calm and serenity actually works when you are a murderous archangel bent on world domination...

I mentioned earlier that blue was the colour of the sea. This is good because it means that jensen wears things like this...
*splashes happily in a rock pool*

Blue is also responsible for phrases like 'once in a blue moon' which is about how often we see Jensen getting his kit off.

Blue is the colour of denim and Jensen is very fond of denim.
So are we when Jensen wears it.

On occasion, Jensen has been known to adopt the double denim look.  This should not be attempted by amateurs. Look, it was so difficult, Jensen's forgotten his shoes...

Blue is one of the three primary colours.  The others are magenta and yellow.  Here is Jensen and Jared demonstrating blue and magenta.  Misha was supposed to make up the trio, but he misheard the request and was last seen sitting in a bath of apricot jello.

Yes, I know.  Jensen can't believe it either ...

Jensen's love of blue, knows no bounds.

Because blue symbolises healing and loyalty, he lies to wear it when he's working on Baby...

And because it symbolises calm and relaxation, he likes to wear it when he's relaxing

And becuse it symbolises professionalism, he likes to wear it when he's killing fangrls at thirty paces working.

There is a bridal tradition of something borrowed, something blue.

I think Jensen borrowed this blue shirt because you could fit two of him in it...
*fantasises about duplicate Jensens*

So, to conclude.
It can be no surprise that Jensen loves wearing blue. 

It's dignified...







And above all,
He looks fecking gorgeous in it!

*dies quietly in the corner*

Credit as per watermarks
Please let me know if credit needs to be added!

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