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Happy Post: Aww... Warm Fuzzies :)

Here at my journal, I've mentioned my friend Dave from time to time.  Dave is he of the ill-fated zorbing experience, and despite my best efforts to convince him otherwise, I'm sure he still  blames himself for that!  I've known Dave since 1988, longer than I've known Mr D, and he's always been one of the kindest, most generous-spirited people I know.  He's the only person who calls me 'Ludders', a nickname he gave me based on my maiden name (Ludlow); I'll always be Ludders to him!

A couple of days ago I had a notification pop up on my Facebook page to say that Dave and I were celebating our 11-year Facebook friendversary.

We had a little exchange on the notification as follows:

Dave: 30+ Years of Friendship!! xx
Me: What sweet young things we were then.
Dave: You still are, my friend, I'm just older, balder and grumpier!!!
Me: I'm older, greyer and grumpier!
Dave: I've never heard you described as grumpy - ever!

Awwww!!  I feel so lucky to have a friend like Dave.  I'm looking forward to the next 30 years of friendship with him!
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