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Call for Inspiration

As many of you may be aware, over the years I have created quite a collection of Jensen picspams.  Over 60, in fact.  These are broadly divided into Body Parts Spams and Other Spams, and you can find them all HERE.

I feel another picspam in the offing, however, I've only just started collecting the pics for it, so it's a couple of weeks away at least.

However, as you can imagine, it's getting harder and harder to find themes for my picspams, and so this is where you guys come in - with a fresh pair of eyes!

Let me know any themes/body parts that I haven't already done, and you would like to see spams for.  Obviously they have to be themes that I can find photos for, so no 'Jensen in space' or 'Jensen's ass crack' because no genuine photos exist to show these themes (not that we know of anyway).  Note: I don't use manips for my picspams (unless in error), I like my Jensen 100% Jensen!

I'm totally open to doing Dean-centric picspams too, or mixing Jensen and Dean in the same picspam.

So, let me have your ideas as comments to this post; all will be gratefully received and will give me plenty of spammage fuel for, hopefully, the rest of the year!

In case you needed a little inspiration ...

Jensen's waiting ...
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