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A funny old day.

So today has been a day of endings ...

It's 'Brexit day' here in the UK.  The day we finally leave the European Union.  I'm old enough to remember when we joined the 'Common Market', the precursor to the European Union, back in the mid seventies.  I didn't understand what it was all about back in those days as I was only about seven, but I remember it being something my parents talked about a lot and something that a lot of boring people on the TV were talking about.

From my point of view now, I have mixed feelings.  I loved the EU vision of countries working together, trading together, supporting each other, learning from each other, shared knowledge, shared protection, freedom of travel, freedom of culture, benefiting from each others' strengths and protecting each others' weaknesses.  Conversely, I intensely disliked the political entity that the EU became.  I've always thought it was bloated, wasteful and self-serving.   That said, although I wasn't one of these people with really strong feelings on the matter, on balance I still believed we were better off staying in the EU.

So, there are people having Brexit parties, and others are having Brexit wakes.  Our country has never been so divided, and that's sad.  I hope if anything good comes of our current circumstances, it's simply that this country can start to heal, and move on from this whole bloody debacle.

On a more personal, but no less significant (for me at least) scale, I settled in this morning to watch last night's episode.

Over the last few years, I've settled into a little routine; Monday to Thursday in the mornings before work, I go to the gym, then Fridays I have a little lay in for about 20 minutes, then I get up, download the lastest episode, make my breakfast then watch it before I go to work.  It's a lovely llittle routine which works for me and makes Friday feel just a little bit special.

As I started to cue up the episode this morning, I realised, this is the last time ever I will watch a new episode of Supernatural on a Friday morning.  When our show comes back after this latest hellatus in six and a half weeks, I'll be settling in to watch it on a Tuesday.  From now on in, my Fridays will feel just a little bit less special.  :(

By the way, I thought the episode was great!

Anyway, that's a bit of a melancholy post, so just to lighten things up, here are three more 'ends' that are much nicer to think about!

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